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Getting Divorced - Mediation Thumbnail

Getting Divorced - Mediation

Hello. My name is Scott Johnson.

In this episode of the Financial Success Academy covering divorce, I'll discuss what divorce mediation is and why it can save both parties a fortune in legal fees.

I know that many divorces are contentious. However, because Washington is a no-fault divorce state, the court does not take into consideration infidelity or general bad behavior when dividing assets.

Mediation, in a divorce, is a process by which a mediator or trained neutral, often a lawyer or mental health professional, is hired by both spouses to help them reach an agreement on everything from parenting plans to the division of assets. The mediator works as a facilitator to guide the divorcing spouses through the process to resolve outstanding issues. Mediation is typically a fraction of the cost that both parties will pay if they hire their own lawyers and litigate the divorce. It can also accelerate the time it takes to obtain a final divorce decree. If your divorce is contentious and you are both forced to hire attorneys, at least work in good faith to avoid a trial at all costs.

In over 20 years of counseling clients through divorce, the only party that I have ever seen benefit from going to trial are the attorneys. Legal fees almost always negate any economic gain for one party or the other when going to trial, and everyone typically comes out a loser.

I hope you found this video helpful. Watch our other videos covering additional important topics on divorce.

Again, if you have specific questions about any of this information, please call our office, and we'll be happy to talk to you about your specific situation.

Thanks for tuning in.